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The Lying Game

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Here is game I play with Advanced Adult Learners, and they love it. I'm not sure how I thought of it, it came all at once, or it maybe a variation on a party game (again, I'm not sure). I call it "No Way", but my students call it, "The Lying Game". Each student (and Instructor) has to create three lies about themselves and one truth. A grid is placed on the board with the Students names in rows going across, and lies/truth 1 to 4 going down. The students then tell their 4 facts and after all of the grid is filled, the "Interogation phase" begins. The students one by ask questions to the subject, trying to discover whether he is lying or not. It requires focused listening skills and lying well requires a high level of speaking ability. The Winner is the one whom nobody guesses his truth. Second place goes to the one guesses most of the truths. I give away 'expensive' prizes for the winners such as Champagne (Mineral Water; 99 cents) and Chanel ( Strawberry Preserves: $1.25) . My students come from all over the globe and some of the truths are more fantasic than the lies. One student from Uruguay had penguins in his house! Who would guess that as the truth!?? Give your students a few days to come up with lies/truth, this way they really come up with some really great stories.

Name: Heinrich H. Beck, Jr.
Email: [email protected]
Location: Smithtown, NY USA

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