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Since I love movies, here's a simple idea students at all levels get a real kick out of.

I go over back issues of my Columbia House catalogues and select scenes from some of the movies advertised in the magazine. I clip and glue them to index cards and create a set of 'movie cards'. Then after a pre-speaking activity on the kinds of movies they like and favorite stars, I divide the group into two teams. The game is to show them the scenes and have them try to say as much as possible about the movie (10 scenes will do).

They can talk about titles, actors, directors, etc. I also allow them to say the title in L1 if they do not remember the original name in English. It is real fun because it stimulates negotiation and a little bit of 'healthy' competition. Each piece of information from each team receives 1 point. The idea is to let both teams speak before correcting everything about each movie. Of course, the teacher has to do some research on the movies in case he/she is not familiar wi th the topic. The team with more correct information wins the prizes teacher brings to class.

Name: Svio Siqueira
Email: [email protected]
Location: Salvador, Bahia Brazil

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