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Interviewing the Famous

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I tried this just the other day with a beginning grammar class, and it worked well. We were reviewing and practicing question formation. I
divided the class into groups of three or four and asked each group to choose a famous person. (They chose Woody Allen, James Bond, and Sandra Bullock.) Then I gave each group a page labelled "Answers." The answers were like this: 1. Absolutely not, 2. Every night at midnight,
3. A good toothbrush, 4. Michael Jackson, etc. (I think I gave seven an swers, each one to elicit a different type of question.) Then I told the groups that they had to make a conversation between a reporter and the famous person they chose. They had the answers, so they had to make
the questions for each answer and arrange them in a logical, conversational order. Then two members of each group presented the conversation to the class. (Before the presentations, I had them check for different types of errors, like verb tense or auxiliarly choice, so they caught most of their mistakes.) The conversations were really funny.

Name: Nancy Heiges
Email: [email protected]
Location: Athens, GA USA

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