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Hey All!
This works really well with both large and small classes, it is loads of fun too - for everyone. It is good for Past, present and future tense as well as for answering the questions "What did you do yesterday?", "What are you doing this weekend" etc. Div ide your class into groups, allocate each group a space on the blackboard and have a piece of chalk prepared for each space. You are to mention only 2/3 words (time, gender, activity) - i.e girl, basketball, yesterday then shout Go! One student from eac h group is then to run to the board and in their allocated space write the sentence "She played basketball (yesterday)", or whatever sentence is correct for the three words you mentioned. The rules are that each person in the team must have a turn and yo u are not allowed to write the answers on a piece of paper and then copy it onto the board. Instead you can have helpers telling you what to write.

Note that this gets extremely noisy and very active. Yet is is productive noise and everyone really wakes up and gets involved. Also you dont have to prepare a wealth of materials. How you choose to allocate the points is your choice.

Have fun!

Name: Nanette
Email: [email protected]
Location: Chung Nam Do Province, South Korea

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