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Crazy Crocodile phonics

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This is one of my students' favorite games and it is good for practicing phonics blends. I make a set of flashcards with phonics blends on them, for example "ee" "oo" "ir" "sh" etc. In addition I make a few flashcards with pictures of crocodiles on them. Then for each phonics card we make a list on the board of three easy words that contain those phonics blends, such as "tree" "see" and "bee" for "ee," "bird" "shirt" and "girl" for "ir." Then the game begins. When I flash a card, if it is a phonics blend, the students must chant the three words that use that sound. If it is a crocodile card then all the students must stand up and change seats. (In my classroom the desks are split into three sections, so students must sit in a different section.) The last one to find a seat must come up to the front of the class and do some silly task like sing a song, do jumping jacks or do a dance. The activity is good because it has all the students paying close attention to see if that next card is going to be a crocodile card. And of course they are practicing their phonics at the same time :)

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