telephone game

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Pronunciation for individual words can be focused on with this game or whole sentences depending on the level and age. I use this game with kindergartens to grade one levels.
First divide the class into 2 teams and place the words at the front of the classroom. The teacher is at the back of the class and tells the first two students the word(s).The teams make a line and the one at the back of the classroom travls the word(s) to the front of the line by whispering in the next student`s ear. Once the word(s) get to the student at the front, this student then slaps the correct word ( on a flashcard or written on the board etc). The first one to do this wins a point for their team. Another version I`ve tried is having students spell the word on the board when it has travelled to the student in the front of the team`s line. My kids always ask to play this game ;D

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