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Matching Headings from Nazo

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Dear All,

This activity can be done at any level. As long as you have a text with more then 8 paragraphs

A text with many paragraphs (maybe 16). The teacher should have prepared 8 headings that will be matched with some of the paragraphs in the course book.
Before the activity: The teacher needs to elicit how students can do skimming in order to find the main ideas of the paragraphs.
Step 1:
Teacher finds a text with clear topic sentences so that they can find the main ideas of the paragraphs. The teacher already has prepared 8 headings that will be matched up with some of the paragraphs.

Step 2:
Teacher writes up the 8 headings randomly on slips of paper. E.g., a- the causes of childhood problems.

Step 3:
Students are asked to sit in circles of 8 students.

Step 4:
Each group of circle is given the 8 headings. Each student is given a slip of paper with a heading on it. Each student also has the reading passage in front of her/him.

Step 5:
When the teacher says: ”Start”, all circles start the activity by reading the headings and skimming the paragraphs to match the headings. They write the answers on their texts. E.g., Paragraph 1-d

Step 6: The answers are checked first in their circle groups and then with the whole class.

Hope your students will enjoy the activity.


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