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Big Fun Colour Wall

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This is a good idea for teaching colours to very young learners. It becomes a permanent feature in the class and can be used over and over in different ways. My 3 year olds love it.

Get some red, blue, yellow and green card. Cut out different shapes (circles, squares, triangles and something different - a yellow duck, a red heart etc) Then a rectangle of each colour with the word written on it. It's a good idea to laminate them, if you have time.
You can add new colours as you learn them.

Stick the word cards spread out in a line along one wall, with the coloured shapes grouped under or around them. Make sure it's low enough to reach. Here are some of the many games you can play with the colour wall.
1) Colour hunt
Stick the shapes all around the room (or get the kids to do it) Call out a colour e.g. Blue! the kids race around, collect all the blue shapes and stick them back on the wall under the blue word card.
2)Colour Grab
Line up the kids facing the wall. Say a colour and a shape to the first kid in the line, he runs up to wall, grabs the correct shape and goes back to the end of the line.
3) Jump to Blue!
All the kids stand at the opposite wall. Name an action and a colour - Walk slowly to red! jump to blue! They all jump to the correct part of the colour wall.
How many blue shapes are there? How many circles?
5) New colour
When you introduce a new colour, sit at the table with the new coloured shapes. Each kid has to say the colour and the magic word please in order to get a shape.
Then they put some Blu-tack on their shape and add it to the colour wall.

Let me know if you come up with some more ideas!

Claire (Valencia)

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