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Ping-pong punisher

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I don't know how I thought of this weird game but kids and adults love it, and it works just as well with one-on-one classes as it does with larger classes.

Set some kind of cup in the middle of a table (small classes) or on the floor (big classes), large paper noodle cups work best but even coffee cups/mugs are sufficient.

The first person has to get a ping-pong ball in the cup with one bounce, fairly easy. If they succeed, next person needs to get the ball in the cup on two bounces, then 3, 4 etc. if necessary. First person to miss has to do something related to the lesson. For example, if today's lesson is about telling time, they have to draw a clock with the correct hands at the requested time. The last person to make their shot gets to request the time. If the theme is animals, the last person to make their shot can force the misser to imitate any animal. If the theme is jobs, the last person to make their shot could make the misser act like a bus driver, scientist, police officer etc.

Chris Mellon
Kingston, Ont. Canada
Teaching in Beijing

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