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Zip Zap Boing

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Quite simple and a good idea for the first lesson.

Ask the class to stand in a circle and introduce the Zip. They have to shout 'Zip' and slide clap their hands towards the person standing to their left. They then pass in on and so on. Then the zap. Once the zip has passed around the entire circle you can use the zap. Use both hands to gesture towards anyone in the circle, who can then zap or zip. The boing switches the direction of the movement. Just put up your hands and wiggle them, shouting boing.
Once the class has mastered this, change the rules so that no voice or hand motions can be used, only eyes. If any student makes a mistake during the game, ask them a question in english and wait for them to answer before continuing with the game.

This is a great way to encourage the students to pay attention and practise their conversational skills at the same time.

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