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Super Superlatives

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The point of this lesson is to not only learn the proper use of superlatives, but also boost each other's self esteem and have the opportunity to say something nice about each other.

The first thing to do is to introduce some positive adjectives- cool, nice, smart, kind, pretty, caring, etc. Depending on the level of proficiency of the students, also try to add some more complex ones- eloquent, trustworthy, talented, etc.

Next, explain what a superlative is- how it is used to show the highest level of being of an adjective (such as the sweetest, the noblest, and so forth). Be sure to explain that the normal forumla used for modifying adjectives into superlatives is to have the root word (such as "calm") and then add "-er" (as in, "calmer") up to the highest level by adding "-est" (like "Calmest").

There are a few exceptions to this rule, however. Typically, if the letter is 6 letter or more (unless it ends in a y/e sound, like "pretty"), instead of adding the suffixes, you put "more" or "the most" in front of the adjective which remains the same (like "more creative/the most creative"). And let's not forget- good-> better-> best!

OKAY! Now that you know how to use adjectives, tell the class you want each person to make a list using positives superlatives to describe a good characteristic about someone in the class/school. Absolutely nothing even remotely negative allowed. For example, you could say, "Jose is the coolest person in the school." Or "Jenny is the most intelligent person in class." Make sure that they are able to use the superlatives properly. Another option would be to go around the room and share their superlative compliments aloud.

If all goes well, not only will the students know their superlatives, but have a HUGE ego boost! Enjoy! :)

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