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Lesson 1: Our city: part 1.
Vocab Taught: School, River, Building, Road, Hospital
Go to the (noun)" s introduced here
Phonics taught: r-o-a-d
Preparation: Flashcards for vocabulary

This is the introduction lesson into the theme of "Our City" and it introduces 5 new words.

1. Warmer - "Switch Seats" - 5 minutes

2. Introduce and drill the new vocabulary - 15 minutes

3. Follow-up with a race:
For the race I used an outdoor playground (any sort of obstacle course will do). Place the vocabulary flashcards at the other end of the obstacle(s). Organise the students into two teams/lines and send off one from each line by saying "Go to the (river)." The first student to get to the (river) is the winner! - 10 - 15 minutes (depending on class size).

4. Phonics: r-o-a-d 10 - 15 minutes (depending on class size).
Use TPR action to introduce each letter. Elicit words that start with each letter from the students. Drill phonic value.

5. Use a fun activity (upside down game, stations, hopscotch, whisper erase) to concrete the phonic values.

6. Finish the lesson with a fun activity. Check out the idea section for ideas. - 10 minutes

We'll discover more of the city in lesson 2.">

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