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Comparative and Superlative Darts

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this is a similar idea to Kyle's 'comparative dice', perhaps a little more risky using a dartboard and two darts, but if you're unsure about the safety element you could try finding one of those felt boards with velcro darts.

Each number on the board represents a team (e.g. in the soccer world cup 1 is Portugal, 2 is Spain... 20 is Brazil etc.). Learners then take turns to throw their darts. If they hit two different numbers they must make a comparative sentence (e.g. 2 and 20 = Spain is stronger than Brazil), if they hit the same number twice
they must make a superlative sentence (e.g. 2 = Spain is the best). If a dart fails to hit a number and drops from the board then the learner is left to make a superlative sentence with the remaining dart or if both fall misses a go. Points are awarded for correct sentences.

I found this was really popular when there still were more than 20 teams in the world cup, though of course it's perfectly adaptable to suit other sports - tennis (Wimbledon), Basketball, NFL etc.


Brogiskes, Lithuania

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