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Musical Chairs Medley

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I have 8 2nd and 3rd grade students and this is a winner everytime. One week I taught them to play musical chairs and they loved it! I try to let them play this once a week. I save it for the end of class. First, they students all sit in a line (We usually sit on the floor anyway.), then I hold up a deck of random object picture cards of words we have already learned. Each student must identify 5 cards correctly to be able to participate in the game. This is also a good opportunity to practice motions we've learned, such as, raise your hand, stand up, clap, turn around, etc. Every couple cards I have them change the way they need to respond if they know the answer, such as, raise your hand or stand up. I make sure they answer in a complete sentence. For example, "What is this?" "It is an umbrella." I make sure all of the students get five cards so that no one is left out. Once each students has all of their cards, they get in a line and one by one hand them in for there spot in musical chairs. We use mini plastic chairs for the game, but big ones would work as well. I tell them, "8 students but only 7 chairs" to start the game. This gets them excited! I start the music and tell them "Keep walking." Once I stop the music and the first student is out, then that student helps me to start and stop the music until the next one is out. I have all the students that are out sitting on the side clap for the other students while the music is going. After each round I encourage them to help me say "____ students but only ____ chairs." I usually have a prize for the winner. By the end they are cheering to play once more. I usually let them play again depending on the time left. This is a sure way to end the class on an exciting note!!

Gamagori, Japan

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