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Borrow vs Lend dialogue worksheet

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My students have trouble knowing when to use borrow or lend. So after having a lesson explaining the difference between the two, maybe some of you would find this dialogue helpful. They can fill in the blanks. Just copy and paste into a word document.


Jeff: Hey Sarah, can I ___________ your stapler? I donít have one.
Sarah: Sure, I can _______ it to you.
Jeff: Thanks! Do you mind _________ it to me until tomorrow?
Sarah: Not at all!
Peter: Jeff! Could you ______ me your stapler please?
Jeff: Um, itís not mine. Sarah ______ it to me.
Peter: Well, she wonít mind if you _______ it to me.
Jeff: Ok, youíre right. You can ________ it.
(the next day)
Sarah: Hi Jeff. Could you please give me my stapler back? I need it.
Jeff: Sure. Thanks for __________ it to me! I also _______ it to Peter. I hope you donít mind.
Sarah: Oh, itís okay if Peter ____________ it too. I donít mind.
Jeff: Great.

* * *

Lori: Oh no! I am going to the opera tonight with John and I donít have anything nice to wear! Maybe I can _______ Lisaís red dress.
Lisa? Could you please ________ me your beautiful red dress?
Lisa: My red dress? Itís very special and expensive! If I _______
it to you, do you promise to take care of it?
Lori: Of course! I promise.
Lisa: Well, alright.
Lori: Wow, thanks Lisa! Youíre my favourite sister!
(later that night at the opera)
Lori: Iím so glad I _________ this dress. It looks great on
John: Yes, it looks really pretty on you. Who _______ it to you?
Lori: My sister _______ it to me.

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