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an orchestra of fireworks in your class! (primary)

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As part of theme work on Guy Fawkes/Bonfire night , I usually reserve part of the final lesson to set up a mock firework display using mime and noises.This way we round off our lesson with a bang!
Objective:Listening comprehension,following instructions.Bringing together of previously learned work in a cultural context.

Intro:Show a picture of fireworks.What colours can you see?Which one do you prefer?
I choose 3 fireworks; eg)bangers, rockets and Catherine wheels,and then divide the class into 3 groups.Kids can do this themselves.I choose the first 3 pupils who then choose someone else to be in their group and so forth. For larger classes this activity can be done with pupils still at their desks and by dividing them into 3 groups..
Each group represents a firework.Is your firework loud or quiet? What noise does it make? Choose a noise and a mime for each group.Eg Rocket pupils stand up with their arm shooting up to the sky with a zooooom and bang sound.Catherine wheels do a spinning hand movement with a hissing noise,and bangers clap and bang!
Orchestras are disciplined and must follow the conductor to give a good performance.Of course I'm the conductor and set off the fireworks, as they're are dangerous and kids shouldn't play with them.(Important message as on Réunion Island at Xmas and New year kids do play with them!)
Each group can perform separately and be applauded then all at the same time.The conductor can say louder, quieter, faster, slower with appropriate mimes.
This has worked well with 7-9yrs.initially it was a fun activity to close the theme but it has since been used as the basis for a lesson .
Finally there are lots of sites giving info about Guy Fawkes most are aimed at teenagers or adults.I found a spot the difference exercise in the school's activity section
The kid's enjoyed doing it -good for the cultural aspect but too hard to exploit language wise.It would be good however for other levels working on Bonfire night.
Sheila, Reunion Island

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