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1. divide the classroom into teams.
2. divide the chalkboard into the amount of teams.
3. have one student from each team come up to the chalkboard.
have them write a word.
4. the next student from their team comes up and writes another word
that begins with the same letter as the ending letter of the
previous word.
5. give a time limit of about 2-5 minutes.
6. the team with the most words spelt correctly wins! =)

ex.) student 1 : egg
student 2 : gold
student 3 : do
student 4 : old
student 5 : dog
etc., etc.

~ you can have variations of the game.
maybe have the next word start with the same letter as the first letter of the previous word (instead of the last letter).
or give a topic, such as: food
(cookie -- egg -- grapes -- strawberry -- etc., etc...)

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