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Easy as ABC with a twist

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I was told that the teachers would be doing a program for K1-K3. I was only prepared for youth and adult classes. I pulled "Easy as ABC" off of the web sight and thought that I was set. When I got to the event there were 2 sessions with 100 kids each, and no time or letters to break them into teams appropriate to the game.

I doled out the letters to my colleagues who scattered them around the play ground. I started asking children “find me an A” usually I would look out of the corner of my eye so that the letter I found was close. We had stickers for the successful children. Soon children were just walking up with letters at random and I would ask them to identify them and pass out a sticker.

Finding the game was a god send and reading through your different posting helped me alter it to fit my situation. Thanks!!!!!!!!

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