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Geography Jeopardy

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I used this game a few weeks ago at an English camp in Italy and it was wonderful!I find that even my advanced students don't know the names of countries in English.

Prepare four or five catagories and four answers for each catagory ranging from easy to difficult. Assign values like $100, $200 etc to each answer. Divide the class in groups and after they pick the catagory and value give them the map to help them out. I gave prizes for the hardest questions. Examples...

Asia for $100 - This country has the largest population in the world.
What is China?

Africa for $400 - This country has the same name as a famous ex basketball player. What is Jordan?

Europe for $400 - You think of this country when you want food.
What is Hungary? (although my kids came up with Turkey which I thought was great)

The best part of this game is watching them devour the map and reading all of the names in English! Hope you like it too.

Karin K

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