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Peter's Kindy ABCs

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This is a method I find extremely effective in helping kindergarten aged children get into letter forming and writing. It seems incredibly simple and yet it works beautifully.

You will need:
Red, Blue, Green, and Black felt tips
A computer and printer

Ideally you should have a kindy type font uploaded on your computer or if possible, a dot-dot font. You can get them off the net. If not, choose something you think is appropriate and print off the sheets using yellow for a b/w printer. This will produce a grey font easy enough to write over.

Make up an abc sheet using two sizes of abc in lower and upper case. Make the worksheet presentable by typing 'name.....' and 'subject.....' at the top and teach the children how to write their name and 'English'. For consistency's sake they can write this in black. The abc worksheet will help them to improve their writing in time. The children are now given the other felt tips and are simply required to go over the letters each in turn to complete the sheet. I generally let them use the colours as they wish in any order. You can make the worksheet into a listening activity as well so that for example children hear, 'a big red em please' (upper case) or, 'a little blue tee please' (lower case), etc. You decide. As writing practice the children use the worksheet as a daily warmer.

Why it works:

Here are some reasons why this simple activity is so effective: The pens are easy for little ones to hold and are familiar for the purpose of writing; The ink is indelible, which means they will discover quickly with your support that patience and care is essential; The colour makes it fun and absorbing and you will find over time that the children make up their own patterns of sequences for colours. You should also find that they always want more sheets! The potential for cognitive and fine motor development then goes without saying and of course beautiful work requires concentration and effort.

Sallam :o)

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