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Group Mad Libs, Gone Wild!

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This is a fun game that will have your students laughing and also practicing agreement with verb and subject, singular and plurals, as well as possesives!

Have the class take out a piece of scrap paper and pencil.
Tell them to write the numbers 1 - 4 on it. Students will write a few words by each number as you instrcut them, and should always pass the paper to the next person after each instruction. That way, the final sentence will have been created by 4 different students. They should read something like "Bob has 22 pencils in his nose." when you"ve finished.

Next to #1 students tell your students to write a proper name or pronoun. Then tell students to pass the paper to the student next to them. Each student will have a new paper, and should write the correct form of the verb 'to have' under #2. Pass again, and with their new papers students should write any number and object (any noun, for example a classroom object)under #3, making sure to make the object plural if they write any number greater than one. (Pass papers) Last have the students write "in his/her/my/your ___" They should of course choose the right possesive to go with #1, and they can write any place or body part in the blank. I usually give the example of "in his hand" or "in his room" these are quite tame, students usually end writing silly ones like "in his nose" or "in her hair".

Once you have given all instructions have the students read aloud the paper they have in front of them, and you should get some good laughs!


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