Candid Cup Talk

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OK, this isn't the most original idea in the world and I'm sure many of you have already tried it on a countless number of occasions, but here goes anyway. I haven't tried it yet myself, but I hope it gets the class talking.
1 - Tear a sheet of paper into 10 strips (or however many topics of conversation you can think of).
2- On each strip of paper, write a topic of conversation that the students will be able to express a view on (e.g. animals, television).
3- Place all the strips of paper in to a cup and have students draw one strip at random. They then have to talk about that subject for 30 seconds.
4 - Let the class vote on whether or not the speech was worth a point (if they're up to this).

PS - Before you tell me to make my way to the loonie bin, I've just been teaching for a week (i.e. just a baby, yet to move on to solid foods). Bye for now!

Imran Lakhi -Taiyuan, Shanxi, PRC(originally from London, England)

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