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Gambling Grammar

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A bit like the grammar auction, but a variation. I use it to review all basic tenses with my Japanese senior High School kids and it really helps to highlight basic mistakes. The students also love gambling, even if the cash they're betting is imaginary.

1) Write three similar sentences. Two incorrect, one correct. For example: a)I went shopping yesterday
b)I went to shopping yesterday
c)I have been shopping yesterday

2) The students in two rival groups bet on the correct answer. To vary things I let one student choose the correct answer and then get one of his/her team mates to bet the amount (from a total of $1000). That way the team members consult each other more actively. Make sure the students know that they can't bet ALL their money on one turn or the game will be over in 3 seconds.

3) The game ends really when you run out of sentences. The winning team has the most cash (most profit or least loss). Its usually a good idea to have the sentences written up before hand on large pieces of paper that you can just fix to the blackboard. Writing during the game is too time consuming.

I had some doubts about trying it at first but the students go for it. Must be a Las Vegas streak in their personalities

Simon, Tokyo

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