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This works well with young-ish children, who you are trying to teach basic prepostions to. Move the furniture to the side of the room, and split the class in half. Each side chooses a 'monkey', who stands at the front. You then give out your orders. eg... "Everybody UNDER their monkey!" the team who gets 'under', or between the legs of heir monkey first wins a point. Keep going with as many different prepositions as you like, even repeating a few. If a 'race' is a dead heat, then what i did, was to make the class shout, and the team with the loudest shout gets the point. You could ask them a question, if you don't fancy 50 kids screaming as loudly as they can!!!! I used this very succesfully with Taiwanese children, who are used to sitting in a class and writing.
Paul Sheehan.

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