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Newspaper treasure hunt

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The Treasure Hunt
Bring in a pile of old newspapers.
Tell your students that they will hunt for the following treasures in a newspaper cut them out and glue them in the appropriate spaces. You provide them with a worksheet an example is provided below.
What they need: scissors, glue and good eyes!
Example worksheet (you can make little boxes for students to glue in each item.)
Find the following:
A common name:

A quality:

A flaw:

A caricature:

A classified ad for selling furniture:

A notice for a movie:

A country:

A movie actor:

A famous singer:

A political figure:

The name of an animal:

The name of a piece of clothing:

A meal:

The horoscope for people born on the 11th of july or 6th of march:

Weather forecast:

The name of a country:

The name of a city:

News about a sport:

World news:

An avertissement:

Good news:

Bizarre, strange news:

A comic strip:

Sad news:

You’re favorite news:

A means of transportation :

Students really get into this activity. It's great for practicing their skimming and scanning skills.

Naomi Buote

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