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This is a fun way to get students relaxed while at the same time getting to know the students a little better. It also helps show them that learning (as they'll be learning about each other in this activity) can be lots of fun. And it's really easy:

1) Have the students write down at least 3 facts about themselves (or as many as you want to have them write down).

2) Instruct the students to crumple up the papers on which they have just written their facts on each other.

3) Then shock them by telling them that now, they get to have a one minute 'snowball' fight and let them stand up and throw the crumpled fact papers at each other for a minute.

4) At the end of the minute, students grab whichever snowball is closest to them. Reconvene the class and then you can either:
a) have the students read the facts on the snowball they have and have to guess which student in the class the snowball belongs to
b) Or have the students read aloud the facts on the snowball they have and whoever wrote those facts has to tell the class it's theirs, rather than having the students guess.

I've used this game as an ice breaker for 11th and 12th graders and they LOVE it because it's so completely different from what a teacher would normally let them do (i.e., go wild for a minute) and it gets them relaxed and laughing.

Tiffini, TN

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