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I hope I can make this clear and easy to understand.

This was for my 5 year old classes and kindergarten.

For this activity you need to draw a bus(or other picture). For my classes I drew a bus with a big face of Doraemon(a blue cat-like robot wich is famous in Japan). Our theme for this month was "wheels on the bus." That was my only reason to use a picture of a bus.

Then I cut it into four pieces(since there are four kids at one table). It will later be a puzzle for them to put together.

Next, I numbered the pieces so that each number represents a color. For examople 1=red, 2=black, 3=blue.

Each kid gets a corner of the picture on a B5 or A4 paper. Now, no one kid has the whole picture of the bus. If there are an odd number of kids, I just ask the teacher to sit and do the puzzle too. The teachers were happy to color with their students.

Then I call out the number and the color to it. For exmaple, One is red. And all the kids color in that area with red.

By now they all know that they have different pieces of paper. As I call out the numbers and they color them in. They start to relix that it's a puzzle too.

They all start screaming what the puzzle is and wanted to finish to see what it will look like.

At the end they all what me to see the finsihed puzzle. Also I never had to tell them it was a puzzle. That was a surprise!

I want to try it again because some of the mom's told me that their kids told them about the lesson.

I hope you can use this for your kids as well

Brad Schaub
Nakatsugawa, Japan

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