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My Grandmother Went on a Train Trip...

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I recycled an old car-trip game to help my Korean students learn to use English articles/quantifiers.

Each person recites the formula, "My grandmother went on a train trip, and in her suitcase she packed..." The first student names something that starts with A, the second says the A word then something that starts with B, etc. through the alphabet.

Although this was originally a memory game, I write the items on the board with the proper articles/quantifiers (an apple, a banana, some grapes, the X-Men, etc.). I also take my turn so the kids have a chance to hear a native speaker.

The kids get so engrossed in coming up with strange things for Grandmother to pack (an eye, a monster, an old man, Yoda) that they don't realize they're being drilled on articles. This also builds vocabulary as kids search their brains for odd things for Grandmother, shout out suggestions to each other, and explain what they named to kids who don't know what the word means.

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