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The Amazing Human Alphabet!

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I had a class of 40 five-year olds in Japan, and this game really (& amazingly) kept the attention of all while practicing their ABC's.

What you need:
At least three kids, a chalkboard and a little floor space

What you do:
Count the kids off into groups of three. Next, write a large capital letter "A" on the board. Help one group of kids form an "A" with their bodies while they lie on the floor (two kids are the slanting sides of the "A", and the third is the line connecting them). Show the rest of the class the amazing trio, and have the rest of the groups make an "A".

After youíve checked every groupís "A", ask, "what's next?", and someone will answer - "B". Write the "B" on the board, and all the groups of three will flop down and make a "B".

You know the rest, but DO make sure that you visit each group to check their rendering of each letter - first, because they just can't wait for you to see their creation, and second, because they get letters turned around and confused!

You can modify this activity in a few ways:
∑ Don't write the letters on the board - makes it a little more difficult to remember the shape.
∑ Do the letters from Z to A
∑ Show a picture of or say one of their vocabulary words (ex. pencil), and ask for the first letter in the word.

Have fun - they'll love it!
Suzanne McCurdy

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