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Police and Thieves

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This is a flashcard game, which can be used to revise any vocabulary you`re working with. It`s fast-paced and energetic--just the thing for a class of fidgety kids. (I should add, that it`s a version of the traditional kids` game, Cops and Robbers).
1. First, clear a large space in the middle of the class, then designate one side for the kids and the other side for yourself.
2. Explain to the kids that you are a policeman and they are theives. I like to start by putting a paper Police badge on my chest and assuming an authoritarian air.
3. Next, scatter flashcards or other vocab items (lower lever classes could substitute various coloured objects) in the neutral space, between you and the kids. Then call out a vocab word. The kids will scramble to pick the card up and you will try to tag whichever kid gets it, before s/he reaches the "safe" line.
4. If the "thief" escapes, s/he returns to the line to resume play as a thief. If you catch the thief in the act, s/he is deputized and becomes a policeman or woman, as appropriate. It`s a good idea to have enough little paper badges to go around.
5. You may want to conclude the game by going over to the thieves` side, once all the kids have been caught and deputized, and then having them call out vocab words for you to chase after. You`ll be surprised by how quickly you get hauled in.
Will Habington. Takada, Japan

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