Sarah's students love FRIENDS

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Use the popular American sitcom Friends to teach English! All you have to do is tape any episode onto a VHS tape. Watch the episode and take notes on any idiomatic language you hear and new or strange vocabulary words.

Use the website http://www.eigo-i.com/friends to help you.

This website will give you the exact dialogue as spoken by the characters for a number of old episodes. I actually did some cutting and pasting onto a handout from this website after I jotted down phrases I wanted to go over with the students.

Students love to see the words of the theme song- there’s even idiomatic language in the song! Have students think about the different personalities represented in each of the characters- Joey and Phoebe aren’t that bright- Monica is a neat freak- Chandler is sarcastic…. The discussion afterward can go anywhere- from the TV show’s representation of friends, to clothing, to jobs.

After the workshop:

1) You can have students choose one of the characters from the sitcom that they would like to be friends with and write a paragraph about it.

They'll love it!

Sarah Greis
Philadelphia, PA

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