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NASA Astronault Survival Game

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This is a simple game introduced to me by a friend. It works with any age level, and can be very fun. It worked wonders with my French High-School students.

Start with this story: An asteroid is coming to hit planet Earth and all life will be destroyed. NASA is sending a spaceship to colonize and inhabit another planet. The spaceship has space for 3 extra people. The directors of NASA are holding interviews with possible candidates to join the new civilization.

Write down different professions on a pieces of paper and distribute to your students. (don't choose obvious professions such as doctor or engineer) The most fun professions are those that make the students work on their persuasion skills. Some of the ones that worked well were: baker, karate expert, gardener, english teacher, dentist.

The students have a few minutes to prepare their argument, and then plead their case. The other students listen and then ask questions to the one making the presentation. (such as: 'what exactly is a gardener to do in space?) They can use their imagination, perhaps they could say that Aliens live in the new planet.

After the students make their presentation and have answers questions, have them vote on who they would select to go to space.

Try it and tell me if it worked.

[email protected] Loire Valley, France

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