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Points, Shmoints!!

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If you want a different method of keeping track of winning in your class, try this!

My students get a little tired of just "points" on the board. It's a little dull and there is often an argument involving missing points.

You begin by making some sort of "track". In my class (with round tables), I put a row of books down the middle of the table: So the surface of the table looks like a ring. Each team/group/student provides (or is provided with) a coin of whatever size they chose.

Basically, whenever a team/group/student wins a round of a game, that team flicks their coin. The object is to get their coin around the table first.

You can add variations rules to make it (examples: if a team falls off the table they start at the beginning; you can hit other teams off the table, etc...).

I have yet to have a team make it all the way around the table (the stipulation for being given a prize) but teams are still excited if they are the furthest ahead.

I have students asking for this game CONSTANTLY, regardless of what game we play, they insist on keeping track with the "coin" game.

hope your students enjoy it!


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