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This game is a great variation on the kids board game "Battleships" and is a good revision of vocabulary and descriptions for any level. I play with adult students and they enjoy it.

Divide the class into pairs or small groups. Have the students draw up a grid on two different sheets of paper. For lower levels the left hand side (y-axis) of the grid can be labelled alphabetically and the lower side (x-axis) can be labelled with simple categories such as food, animals, jobs, cities/countries, hobbies etc. Each player/team proceeds to then fill in one grid with vocabulary :- an A food, an A animal, an A job etc. right down to a X,Y or Z hobby. The grid ideally however should only be about 10 by 10 spaces. For more advanced classes, place more complicated category combinations ie. a European animal, an ancient city etc. The students are then to draw battleships on their grids - I suggest one battleship that covers three spaces, two that cover two spaces and three that cover one space. The students can place their ships horizontally or vertically anywhere on their grid.

Explain to the students that their second grid is a map of their opponents space. One team begins by describing one of their own vocabulary ie. " a yellow fruit ". The opponent guesses "banana" and then examines their own grid for the space of "B-fruit". If there is a battleship on that space they must declare "HIT" and if there is not they must declare "MISS". In the occurence of a "HIT" the describer is given a second turn. It is his/her aim to "SINK" the battleship by scoring successive hits to the vessel by "bombing" or guessing the spaces up-down-beside the given space. If the battleship is merely a single space battleship then it is sunk by a direct hit. When a battleship is destroyed the guesser declares "HIT AND SINK". In the case of a "MISS" the turn is then given to the opponent to describe a word and to bomb the opponents space. Each team can map where they have bombed their opponent by marking a circle on their spare grid for a "MISS" and a cross for a "HIT". Continue this successively until all of one teams battleships are sunk or time is out.

Jennifer Bishop
Seoul, Korea
[email protected]

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