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RecklessTaxi Driver Roleplay

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Set the scene. An English speaking visitor goes out of an airport and hails a taxi. He sits in the back. On the way to town the driver strikes up a conversation. Unfortunately he drives fast and keeps turn round to look at the passenger!

Now seat the students in pairs one driver and one passenger. The driver sits in front of and to one side of the passenger as if in a taxi.

This can be used to practice:
For the taxi driver
1 Personal information- Where are you from? What languages do you speak? Are you married?

2 Present perfect: Have you been to our country before? Have you seen...? Have you read about...? Have you tried (food etc)? Have you heard about (recent event)?

3 Suggestions: Why don`t you visit... you should see... You could go to...

and for the passenger
4 Imperatives: Look out! Mind that lorry! Keep your eye on the road! etc.

Simon Mumford
Izmir Turkey

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