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Create a Restaurant

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This is a variation of the Restaurant/Menu game.
Warm Up - small groups discuss their favourite foods - ingredients how you cook them.
next - each person write down their four favourite dishes - keep this to themselves.

Next Board some questions about żour favourite restaurant for discussion. What's the service like. Costs. Type of food. Location etc.

Next explain that they are going to establish their own restaurant. First they must agree on a name that wil attract customers.Then create a menu. One person only writes down the dishes - disagreement is encouraged about which dishes to select. Ss justify their choice and negotiate the menu. Work out prices and profit per dish.
Once menu is created each group selects a waiter. Waiter goes to another group shows menu and students order from menu.
Teacher can make a bit more spicy by providing role cards to waiters and/or customers with suggestions such as asking for a group discount, getting the waiter to be rude.
This exercise creates much laughter and huge discussions about which dishes to choose, the waiters also create great laughs.
Steve Coady, Phnom Penh, [email protected]

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