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I've had a real problem finding games for people with extremely limited English skills, most rely on the student being able to hold a conversation. My students can't do this. However, this game can be adapted to any level and the teacher can add a few words at a time as they progress.

The teacher prepares flashcards with the words s/he knows his students are aware of. For example: Which/What/Where/This/that/and/but/(nouns)/colours/is/are/they/me/our/you/....
and so on. It's up to the teacher to evaluate what words the students can cope with.
Make about 6 copies of each card and ask the student to make sentences. You can then mix and match as you teach, for instance, add a negative. This is a cup. This is NOT a cup.
And pronouns: This is a cup. This is MY cup.
Then colours: This is my blue cup.
If anyone has other resources for students from whom English is an brand new skill, please contact me.

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