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VOCABULIZE - Vocabulary individualized

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This is great for beginning level students who may not be verbal, and it's a simple way to increase vocabulary without creating too much extra work for the teacher.

Find some old magazines or newspapers that can be used for cutting. Tell students to find pictures of things that they don't know the words for. Have them cut the pictures out and paste them on a piece of construction paper. On the back, have students write the word, part of speech, and a sentence using the word.

You can even do "show and tell" with this exercise. Then all of the students have the chance to learn a new word. You can build a personal or classroom picture dictionary as the weeks progress.

And for reviewing or testing purposes, you can lay the cards down and just point to the picture. Have students write or say the vocabulary word.

For advanced students, magazines like National Geographic or travel magazines work well.

Hope you like it!!!! Angela Brown (Findlay, Ohio)

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