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Making a Pinata

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1 balloon
1 cup of flour
2 cups of water
1 pan
colored creche paper
string or yarn
rubber cement/glue

First,inflate the balloon. Then tear the newspaper into strips along the grain. Mix flour and water in the pan to make a paste. Then, dip the strips of newspaper into the paste and run the strip through your fingers to squeeze out the excess. Wrap the balloon with the strips going around the balloon until it is completely covered. Be sure to leave an opening at the top of the balloon. Layer the balloon four times. Set aside for four days to dry.

After the balloon is completely dry, take the needle and pop the balloon. Cut a six-inch string or yarn and rubber cement or glue each end of the string or yarn on opposite sides of the ball. Each end should be at least two inches fromthe bottom. Cover the ball with colored creche paper. Fil the inside with candies and treats. Then take some creche paper and roll it tightly and tie it with string or yarn. Insert the roll into the candy hole. Finally, hang the pinata from a beam. Make sure it is adjustable so that both children and adults can hit it.

Howto play the Pinata Game

1 blindfold
1 stick

The object of this game is to get the candy that is inside the pinata. To do this, each person is blindfolded and given the stick. Each person is spun around three times before trying to hit the pinata.

This is really a Mexican Christmas tradition, but I'm told it could be used for all occassions. I've done this with my students and everytime I've done it, it's literally a "hit"!


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