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The use of the video is widely known by many ESL/EFL teachers worldwide. Grammar, creative writing, and listening (among other skills) can all be improved by using a bit of video. What no one seems to realize is that video is also a great source of realia for introducing/demonstrating/reviewing VOCABULARY. Virtually any video can be exploited just to focus on vocabulary. Weather, clothing, types of transportation, rooms of the home, foods (in particular, the cafeteria scene in "National Lampoon's Animal House"), and practically any other vocabulary you might be teaching can be found in a video. It's a lot more fun than just describing or translating the vocabulary to your students, and your students will appreciate being able to recognize the vocabulary in real-life situations, and not just from a sheet of paper or from a picture dictionary.
Sean N. Strache, St. John's College, Bangkok, Thailand.

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