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Manual mouse clicks

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This is a game for memorising meanings of words. Write the words you want students to revise at random on the board. Tell the students that the board is the computer screen, and that the pen in the cursor. Ask a student to direct you to a word by saying left, right, up, down. Once the pen is over the word, tell the student to say click! This changes the word into its meaning; unfortunately there is no html on the board so you have to rub out the word and write its meaning in its place! Do this a few times so the students get the idea. If a student clicks on the meaning, it becomes the word again. Let the students do it together in pairs, with paper, pencils and rubbers, with one student holding the pencil and changing word into its meaning (or vice versa), and the other directing and ‘Clicking’

Simon Mumford
Izmir, Turkey

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