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Simple past & past progressive movie magic

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After a formal grammar explanation and some practice activities I showed my class the opening scene to Raiders of the Lost Arc. I had my students take point form notes on what they saw. Then I had them sit in 3s/4s and compare notes. They had to write a summary of the scene using the simple past and the past progressive. I played the movie clip once more. In their groups the students tried to add any key information they were missing to their summary. Once compleated the groups then took turns reading out their summaries. The summaries were all very different. Students chose to focus on various aspects of the suspensful action packed movie clip. The class really enjoyed this activity. It gave them a chance to use the grammar being taught in a creative manner. They produced their own sentences without guidance and did an excellent job and were able to continue using the grammar creatively. I found the main idea for this activity on line and changed it to meet my students' needs. If you have any questions you can contact Samantha at [email protected]. Enjoy!

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