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When you have to work with one student leaving the rest of the class to do their own work, you will find that the students can get very fidgety. One way is to have ready some games (not board games but those that require the groups to move around from one station to another ) for small group to play on their own.
The games usually involve some instruction for the group to get organised (use those games from this cafe to begin with until you come up with your own games to teach certain language skills).
Divide the class into several small groups and have them at a station each.Each group will play a game until you give the instruction for the group to move to another station.Decide beforehand whether it be clockwise or anti-clockwise or by number. The class will have fun while you have the time to speak with one student.
This station method is also good when you want some healthy learning noises - award points for groups that have move together, or work well together.
Have fun.
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