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This game takes a lot of explanation, which can be good to test your students' listening skills. KILLER! is like a basic "interview game" where the students ask each other questions that review whatever pattern you choose (ex. "did you ~ yesterday?" "can you ?"). The difference is that this is a contest (whoever gets the most answers wins), and that there are killers in the room.

To decide who the killers are, at some point during your explanation, tell the students to close their eyes and put their heads down. The students you tap on the shoulder will be killers. During the 5 min. the students have to ask each other questions, the killers will try to "kill" other students by winking at them. The way this works is that killers try to ask / answer questions to / from other students, and during this exchange wink at them once. "Dead" students return to their seats and can't ask any more questions. After the 5 min. are up, ask the killers to raise their hands. Then ask the "dead" students to raise their hands. Finally, have the students raise their hands according to how many other students they asked. The student with the most answers (names written down) wins. You can play this several times with different grammar patterns in the same lesson--some of the students get really into it. When I played it, I had students who chased each other, yelling their questions, and students who carried around books in front of their smiling faces so that they couldn't be blinked at (and killers doing the same to fake them out).

RULES (hopefully this will make the process clearer):

1) everyone has to write their own question
2) everyone has 5 min. to ask the question to as many people as they can. the person who asks the most people wins.
3) when everyone puts their heads down and closes their eyes, the students I touch on the shoulder are "killers."
4) during the game, the "killers" try to "kill" as many students as possible by winking at them.
5) if a student is "killed" he has to go back to his seat and sit down. he is "dead"
6) after the 5 min. are over, the student who asked her question to the most people wins.



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