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What's in the fridge today

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This works from kindergarten to age 12. It will teach location...where is the's next to the tomatoes. And also this will help you teach count and non count nouns.

So you need 2 large pieces of poster board. The back piece is the base and you should cut the front piece out to divide the fridge and freezer.and fasten it with tape to make a fridge door. Use velcro and make a door handle so the kids can physically open the fridge. draw the fridge on one sheet of poster board with the freezer included. The kids come and open the fridge.

When they open the fridge have some grocery items already fastened in the fridge with velcro. Then have a shopping bag with laminated pictures of foods. They must pull the food out of the bag and put it into the fridge. After the groceries are put away the kids can then talk about where everything is located in the fridge and how much stuff they see.

Materials needed
--velcro to fasten everything
--2 pieces of poster board
--markers to draw the fridge
--tape to fasten the door

My kids had a blast.

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