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Verb Races

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This is a great way to review those verb conjugations:

Divide your class into teams of equal number (no more than 5-6 students per team as that is how many subject pronous there are in English...depending if you are teaching 'you pl.' as a seperate one). Each team sits in a row. The first student in each row is #1, the second #2, etc. Give all number ones a piece of paper. Then you pick a verb from the vocabulary that you are studying (eg. Eat) and all number ones write "I eat" and then pass the paper to the student behind them. The second studnets write "you eat" and pass the papers back. This continues until all subject pronous and verb forms have been written. Then the last student passes the paper to the first student and the first student runs to the board to write all the answers on the board. The first team to get their answers on the board in the correct order and correctly conjugated ( I eat, you eat, he eats, we eat, they eat) gets a point. If you have several students in your class, you can expand the game by adding she and it as seperate entries. Then the students shift places, so 1 moves to spot 2, etc. and the last student in each row becomes student 1. Continue until each student in the row has had a chance to write on the board.

This game gets quite rowdy! My kids love it! They don't gets point for messy board writing! If one team gets the answers up there first but is too messy to read, then the point goes to the next fastest team. Good luck!
Sarah--Toronto, Canada
[email protected]

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