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To Tell a Lie

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This is a fun way to reinforce the present perfect tense, once students have practiced it enough to peer correct.
For this activity, all you need are dice (one die per group). I recommend the groups stay pretty small (three or four people). One person is chosen to answer a question, and the others get to ask. The question has to be in the present perfect (Have you ever eaten snake?). The "answerer" secretly rolls the die (cupping your hands around it is the easiest way). If the number is even, the student answers truthfully. If the number is odd, the student has to lie. The other students get to ask all the follow up questions they want to (in any tense) until they have made up their minds whether the person is telling the truth or not. They can simply say "truth" or "lie!" and the other person reveals their die. Students learn a lot of very surprising things about each other (I once had a student who had actually met John Lennon and I'm sure the person who asked that question thought she was a big, fat liar).

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