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Teaching Body Parts You will need: tape, paper, sciccors

Begin by introducing all the body parts:

"What's this?" Point to your elbow. Write it on the board.
There are a lot of parts they won't know. Forehead to ankles, big toes to eyelashes. eg. Chin, cheeks, freckles, belly button, waist..

Next get some of the kids to write the parts fairly large on paper then cut them out seperately.

In teams- I have 42 kids so split them into 4 rows.
The object is for each team member to run up and stick it on a chosen team member until all the parts have been stuck. The winner is the fastest team but also the team that puts them in the correct places.
its funny.:)
also you can get them to draw the parts in any order on the board so you have a wierd looking body.
hope it works for you.
nerissa korea

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