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If you need a game to review basic grammar and to revitalize your classes with energy and some creativity, this is a suggestion. It's based on the Japanese elementary school game Fruit Basket, but I use my version in middle schools. In fruit basket, students put their chairs in a circle (minus one). Each student is assigned a word (fruit names, for example). To start the game, the student without a chair yells out one or two words and the students assigned those words have to move and find a new seat (one student being unable to--that student is the one who will call out the next words).

The way my version works is you write a set question ("Have you ever ~~?" or "Are you going to ~~ tonight?" or "Do you like ~~?") and photocopy it so that you can give each student a small slip of paper for them to write in whatever words they want to add. You should tell them to try to make it a question a lot of the class will say "yes" to.

Then you collect the questions, put them in a bag, and have the students rearrange the room so their chairs are in a circle. You explain the game, that they have to move if the question is one they would say "yes" to. Then you read the first question, and as they move, you grab a seat and watch them scramble around, pull each other out of chairs, and enjoy something that doesn't seem like English.

Greg de St. Maurice
[email protected]
Morioka, Japan

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