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Nazo's Card Stealing

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This is a group competition game for students to practise homophones (words that have the same pronunciation but different spelling e.g. see-sea). Steps of the game:
1- The teacher (T.) chooses a listening passage from the coursebook and selects 5 words with suitable homophones, so that each group will have 10 word cards. (where-wear/once-ones/ son-sun/ etc.)
2- T. writes the 10 words on the board. Groups of 4 copy the words on the blank cards the T. has given.
3- Groups place the cards on their desks face up. T. plays the listening passage once. The students (ss) listen to the passage and steal the card they hear. The student with most stolen cards is the winner.

I learned this game when I was doing my RSA/DOTE (Diploma for Overseas Teachers) course from Suzan Öniz from METU (Middle East Technical University).

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